CliSYS (database management)

CliSYS® is the Genesis client-side system for managing Long Island properties.  Although Genesis does have standard CliSYS screens and features we can do custom programming for you so that your system functions just the way you want it to.  Each CliSYS system is unique to some degree.

Real estate tax certiorari practitioners on Long Island have CliSYS systems consisting of some or all of the following:

  • Data Screens: Detailed records on clients, properties, assessments, exemptions, authorizations, complaints, petitions, settlements, respondent correspondence, or refund tracking.
  • Document Filings: Print all the required forms for Nassau and Suffolk County filings, complete with bar coding for easier data entry when client forms are returned to you.
  • Electronic Filings: Fulfillment of all electronic filing requirements including Complaints for the Nassau Assessment Review Commission, SCAR filings through NYSCEF, and Writ file requests from the Assessor – directly from your CliSYS database.
  • Letter Printing: All cover letters and reminder letter to clients or opposing counsel printed through CliSYS and merged, as your option, into Microsoft Word.
  • Report Generator: A powerful and flexible report generator that allows you to create custom reports and data extractions, with complete access to your data.  Results can be exported directly to an Excel, PDF, Text or HTML file for a variety of uses such as a Mail Merge or importing to your accounting system.  Reports can be saved for repeated use, as a report template, and shared by all your users.
  • Property Import: When licensed with NasPAD and/or SufPAD, new property information can be added to CliSYS by the simple click of a button.  This provides you with time savings and insures the accuracy of your data.

CliSYS packages can also be created for property management firms, banks, municipalities, and any other office, real estate-oriented or otherwise.