About Us

Dr. Martin O. Cohen (Vice President) Email

Marty started his professional career as a physicist.  After earning a doctorate in nuclear science and engineering from Columbia University, he made many contributions to the field of shielding against nuclear radiation.  At MAGI, one of the two companies he worked for during this period, he was the director of a group that developed animation software that MAGI used to generate many scenes for the world’s first CG movie, Walt Disney’s TRON.

Making use of his extensive experience with computing, gained while performed his functions as a physicist, Marty next established the software control division for Matrix Instruments and then managed a software compiler team for InterAct, developing among other products, the on-board computer compilers for General Dynamics fighter planes.

In the early 1980’s Marty founded Genesis and has been a prime mover in its history ever since.  Ever busy, he has no plans of retiring.

Jonathan E. Cohen (President) Email

Jonathan began his work career outside the world of computers.  After graduating Columbia College and the New York University School of Law, he worked as a litigator in a large Manhattan law firm.  In 1995 he joined Genesis and quickly began to direct the conversion of the old Genesis DOS RPAD systems to Windows.  Jonathan has served as Genesis’ president since 2005.

Jonathan spends most of his work time in product development, tackling the intricacies of Visual Studio, SQL Server, Word, Excel, Acrobat, and, of course, many aspects of web development.

When not in front of a computer, he prefers to be in the mountains.

 Neal H. Weisman (Senior Coordinator) Email

Neal has been working in Information Technology for over 20 years in a variety of industries.  He joined Genesis in 2000 after successfully steering his prior firm through the Y2K storm.  His background in software development and networking has proven valuable to our clients as they navigate the many challenges of today’s technologically demanding business environment.  A former MIS director, Neal is well versed in all aspects of systems development from the big picture down to those all important details.

Michael Feldman (Software Engineer) Email

Michael came on board in 2001. He graduated Hofstra University in 1982. He has a diversified background in the computer field.  Michael has run the gamut from writing computer games for children, to participating in software development for CAT scanner systems.  He brings a wide range of experiences to Genesis to implement advanced software technology and architecture for our products.

Jin Chiou (Software Engineer) Email

Jin joined Genesis in 2012 to work on the migration of Genesis’s software products to their new VB.Net / SQL Server platform and beyond.  He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).  Jin has an M.S. in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Taipei Institute of Technology.

Thomas Shields (Software Engineer) Email

Thomas joined Genesis in 2022. He has 25 years of experience in Information Technology, both as an employee and as the head of his own consulting practice. He has worked for such well-known companies as KPMG and Minolta and has a highly diversified skill-set. His experience with database design and the creation of web-based services will be invaluable to Genesis as we create, improve, and advance our software products — starting with GNX By Genesis.