By Genesis

At the end of 2021, we rolled out our latest innovation – Stage 1 of GNX® By Genesis.  GNX is a web portal where you can exchange documents, data, and other items with your clients (property owners). 

There are currently two main features in GNX:

  1. You are able to post all your January Tax Commission forms, as well as petitions and other documents.  These forms will be fillable PDFs created within your own version of CliPAD.  Once posted, your clients will be able to view, download, edit, and send the forms back to you.  The web portal will keep track for you of the forms’ status (sent, received, complete, etc.) and the date they are due.
  2. For the TC201 and TC203 forms, the data entered into the fillable PDFs by your clients (or their accountants) is capable of being imported directly into your CliPAD I&E screens if you so desire.  Our clients have reported that this was a huge time-saver and also eliminated the possibility of data entry errors on their side.

Stage 2 of GNX is currently in development and will be available in the future for both CliPAD and non-CliPAD clients.  It will serve as a central repository for all your real estate needs, both in document-management and other areas.  Stay tuned.