NasPAD (all-Nassau data)

NasPAD® contains a wealth of information about all residential and commercial properties in Nassau County.  It is one of the most detailed systems in Genesis’ product line, containing data procured from Nassau County, New York State Office of Real Property Services, and other sources.

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The NasPAD package is comprised of data display screens, a variety of reports, queries, calculators, and lookups.  It provides all the tools you need for analyzing Nassau properties.  All programs can be tailored for your special requirements.

Data Display Screens

  • Property Descriptions data includes the following categories for all properties: Assessments, Physical Changes, Exemptions and a detailed breakdown of all Tax Components.Commercial properties also include: Building Information, Interiors and Exteriors, Other Features, Apartments, Income and Expense. Residential properties also include: Features/Area, Attached Additions and Improvements/Values
  • Tax Information  – Tax ID, tentative, final, and school roll assessments, exemptions, transitional assessments, STAR exemptions, abatements,  market value, full lot descriptions, taxes
  • Tax bills accurate to the penny
  • Sales data for ten years – updated on a monthly basis
  • Tax Grievance and Petition Histories (Article 7, Writs)
  • Tax Rates (school and general)
  • All Village Tax Rates and Equalization Ratios
  • City data for Glen Cove and Long Beach and about 25 villages
  • Small Claims
  • Filed Grievances
  • Many cross reference tables and alternate property lookup procedures
  • All data is updated in timely fashion

The following data is archived; generally for a period of ten years at a minimum:

  • Tentative and final school roll assessments, exemptions, transitional assessments, STAR exemptions, abatements, market value, full lot descriptions, taxes, sales history, tax rates, all village tax rates and equalization ratios, income and expense (commercial only), data for the cities of Glen Cove and Long Beach and 25 villages.

Reports, Queries, Calculators and Lookups

  • Organized printouts of all data, exportable to other programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Refund Calculator
  • Transitional Assessment Calculator, the output of which can be fed directly to the Refund Calculator or saved for future use.
  • General Query – a powerful tool that allows users to create their own customized data extraction modules for printed reports or exporting to other programs.
  • Sales Comparison (with extensive flexible criteria)
  • Full Lot Analysis (indicating what full lot did an individual lot belong to)
  • Three-Year Assessment Change Report
  • Find Properties by Tax ID, Address, Owner and even Dropped Lots
  • Lookups for Tax Rates, Equalization Ratios, Abatement Rates