SufPAD (all-Suffolk data)

SufPAD® is our system for Suffolk County.  It contains information for all commercial and residential properties.

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The SufPAD package is comprised of data display screens, sales comparison report, and lookups.  It provides you with tools for analyzing Suffolk properties.  All programs can be tailored for your special requirements.

Data Display Screens

All SufPAD data screens are included in the standard package.

  • Property Descriptions – extensive and varying in items covered on a town by town basis.
  • Tax Information as Supplied by the Towns – Tax ID, tentative and final assessments, exemptions (for some towns), market value, full lot descriptions
  • Tax Information as Supplied by the County – taxes and arrears
  • Sales data for ten years – updated on a monthly basis
  • All Village Tax Rates and Equalization Ratios
  • Respondent and School File
  • STAR values, by town
  • Many cross reference tables and alternate property lookup procedures
  • Assessments for a number of villages, with more being added

The following data is archived; generally for a period of ten years at a minimum:

  • Tentative and final roll assessments, Exemptions, Full lot descriptions, Taxes and arrears, Sales, Village tax rates and Equalization Ratios and STAR values, by town

Reports and Lookups

  • All data files printed out in organized, highly readable formats
  • Sales Comparison (with extensive and flexible criteria)  (Steps:  12 | 3 )
  • Find Properties by Tax ID, Address and Item Number where applicable