Since 1997, Genesis has provided property management systems for users in New Jersey, consisting of both client-side and all-state assessment analysis modules. The custom-designed GenesisNJ® system handles all aspects of real estate tax appeal practice in the state, designed the way you want it.

  • All-State Data: Assessment, sales, exemption and deduction information for all properties on a county by county basis (each county being purchased from Genesis separately).
  • Custom-Designed Client Screens: Multiple-screen data entry package to track all aspects of your real estate tax practice, such as assessments, appraiser, hearing dates, judge assigned, docket numbers, tax court and county board dates and refund amounts, settlement offers, discovery and fee percentage to name but a few.
  • Forms Printing: Petitions, Direct and Indirect Complaints, Tax Court and County Board Stipulations, Freeze Act Applications, as well as custom-generated Bills. All forms meet the requirements of the mandatory Differentiated Case Management (DCM) system.
  • Letter Printing: Petition and Complaint Cover letters, Record Card Requests, Tax Collector letters, Revaluation/Tax Appeal letters, as well as any number of letters to clients, appraisers, judges, clerks, or other counsel.
  • Specialized Reports and Calendaring: Custom-tailored reports to run off both the all-state and your client database.  These can track any fields in your GenesisNJ system and provide complete calendaring spreadsheets, all according to your design.  (Examples:  123 )
  • Web Links: Links to numerous municipality, county, and other general real estate sites