CliPAD (property management)

Last year around 80% of the New York City real estate tax certiorari applications were filed using Genesis’ CliPAD® software.

The CliPAD® aspect of the Genesis New York City system is where you, the user, get to be creative.  Although Genesis does have standard CliPAD screens, we design the client-side part of your program so that it runs just the way you want it.  No one CliPAD system is exactly the same as another.

Real estate tax certiorari practitioners in New York City, for example, have CliPAD systems consisting of some or all of the following:

  • Data Screens: Keep detailed records on Clients, Properties, Assessments, Filings, Settlements, Law Department Tracking, Pre-Trial, Petition Tracking, Income and Expense, Audit, Billing, Condominium/Cooperatives, Substitution of Attorney, Refund Tracking, or Counselor screens.
  • Forms Printing: With CliPAD you can currently print Tax Commission (TC) forms 10, 101, 105, 106, 108, 109, 140, 150, 159, 200, 201, 203, 208, 214, 230, 244, 301, and 309, complete with barcoding or QR coding for easier data entry when client forms are returned to you.  Additional forms can be added upon request.   Users can also generate Petitions and Stipulations with the system. Genesis also allows you, in one step, to export generated files directly from your CliPAD database to be used in the New York State FBEM system (electronic filing of petitions). You can also generate pre-populated fillable PDF documents for the Tax Commission forms. (These will also integrate smoothly with our GNX By Genesis document portal.)
  • Analysis Reports: Genesis can create any kind of database analysis reports for your CliPAD system, such as reports for Audits, 718 Stipulations, or Call Back Lists.
  • Letter Printing: All letters – such as cover, reminder, refund, retainer, offer letters to clients or opposing counsel – along with labels and envelopes can be printed through CliPAD and can be merged into Microsoft Word or PDF.
  • Mass Email: If you don’t want to mail physical letters to your clients, CliPAD can instead generate mass emails tailored to the relevant clients in whatever scenario you require.
  • Hearing Sheets: Generate custom-designed, detailed hearing sheets, based on both all-city GenPAD® data and your CliPAD® data, to help you be fully prepared for your hearings.
  • Tax Commission Electronic Filings: Genesis will generate and deliver the electronic Application and Petition files requested by the Tax Commission directly from your CliPAD database.

Genesis also provides immediate analysis when new data is released by New York City.  As soon as the Tentative and Final Rolls are released, Genesis downloads the new values into your CliPAD system and flags any major assessment or physical changes in your properties.  The day each Change By Notice register is published we can immediately provide you with both the complete list and an analysis of only those properties that appear in your CliPAD database.  We routinely provide similar analyses when other new data is released, such as RPIE Non-Complier, Open Petitions, or Tax Lien Sale Lists.

CliPAD packages can also be created for property management firms, banks, municipalities, and any other office, real estate-oriented or otherwise.