GenPAD (all-NYC data)

The original of the Genesis line of products is the GenPAD® system, comprising information on every property in the City of New York.

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The GenPAD database package consists of two main sections: data display screens and comparison/query reports.

Data Display Screens

There are a number of GenPAD data screens and each package can be tailored to include only those that you wish to use.  Currently, data screens include:

  • Current and Prior Year Commercial Assessments, Area and Sales
  • Historical Assessments (going back 14 years)
  • Income and Expense (up to 16 years) (Sample Page 1 | 2 )
  • Income and Expense for Condominiums/Cooperatives
  • Income and Expense for Hotels
  • Individual Condominium Units
  • J51 Exemptions and Abatements
  • ICIP/421A Exemptions
  • ICAP (Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program)
  • Mortgages and Deeds
  • Utilities (REUC)
  • Historical Transitional Assessments
  • Residential Assessments, Area and Sales (Class 1)
  • Tax Commission Open Petitions

Comparison/Query Reports

Depending on your needs, GenPAD can come equipped with more than a dozen different analysis comparison programs.  Each comparison program runs according to the tests and specifications that you select which can be printed, exported to Excel, or sent to a map display.  For example, in the Income and Expense Comparisons you can craft your searches based on any financial field that is filled on the Tax Commission TC201 form.  The Transitional Assessment Projection Analysis not only allows you to enter potential reductions to see how the future year transitionals and taxes will play out, but then allows you to run different scenarios for a property.  These scenarios may then be compared with each other on a year-by-year basis to allow you to calculate the relative tax savings of each potential projection.