GenesisNY® is the Genesis client-side, customizable system for all aspects of managing and/or representing New York State properties outside of New York City, from the counties of Clinton to Rockland and Washington to Chautauqua. Each GenesisNY system is unique to some degree.

  • Custom-Designed Client Screens: Multiple-screen data entry package to track all aspects of Long Island, Westchester, and “upstate” practice. Standard screens track information such as assessments, clients, respondents, reductions, filings, judgments, refunds and school interventions on both the county/town and village levels.
  • Forms Printing: Print all the forms necessary for your practice, such as Affidavits of Service, Authorizations (Powers of Attorney), Complaints/Grievances, Condominium Schedules, Consent Judgments, Invoices, Filings Due Reports, Notes of Issue, Petitions, Small Claims Petitions, RJI’s, Retainer Letters, and Trial Calendars.
  • Electronic Filings: Fulfillment of all electronic filing requirements including Complaints for the Nassau Assessment Review Commission, SCAR filings through NYSCEF, and Writ file requests from the Assessor – directly from your GenesisNY database.
  • Letter Generating: All letters – to clients, clerks, judges, opposing counsel, or anyone else – can be printed through GenesisNY. These can be merged into Microsoft Word, along with labels or envelopes, or printed directly to PDF format for emailing directly through GenesisNY’s automated email module.
  • Specialized Reports and Calendaring: A powerful and flexible report generator that allows you to create custom-tailored reports to run off your client database. These can track any fields in your GenesisNY system and provide complete calendaring spreadsheets, all according to your design.
  • Tax Rates: Keep track of the numerous tax rates required by New York practice, such as: Town and City, County, Village, School, Special District, as well as the City/Town and Village EQR and RAR data.
  • Property Import: When licensed with NasPAD and/or SufPAD, new property information can be added to GenesisNY by the simple click of a button. This provides you with time savings and insures the accuracy of your data.
  • Westchester Sales Data: Genesis can also provide monthly updates of Westchester sales information.

GenesisNY packages can also be created for property management firms, banks, municipalities, and any other office, real estate-oriented or otherwise.